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IELTS Speaking Part 2 : Example Video And Transcript.

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Here is the transcript:

So the question was describe your first travel experience.
I actually don’t remember my own first travel experience. So, I’m going to describe my first travel experience so I’m going to describe my first travel experience in Asia.

So my first travel experience in Asia happened in two thousand and eight

And I arrived in Beijing to come and live in China, and everything was shut, because it was National Day. And so I decided to go down to Xi’an, and see the terracotta warriors.

Ermm…This was very interesting for me, because I have studied a lot of Chinese history and culture and so I was very excited. Also, this was the first time I had arrived in Asia and China so to go to something so big and interesting was very exciting. Also, I had studied this topic before at my university in the UK, when I was studying my Chinese degree.

So I went down, and it was fantastic, because all these things I’d been reading about and studying were right in front of me and I got to see possibly one of the most important pieces of Chinese culture on my first 10 days in China..So for me, the Terracotta Warriors are actually more interesting than the Great Wall of China, ermm…because of the history involved

In my opinion, erm, you know…

I don’t think there’s many more exciting things you can do in China, especially as a foreigner. The Great Wall is very famous, but for me, Terracotta Warriors are probably the most exciting thing I have visited in China.

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