Feedback Session


Have a specific speaking problem you need help with?

Maybe you want to :
Practice 1 clear topic for you IELTS speaking?
Need to practice for a job interview?
Need to practice IELTS Part 3 speaking questions…
Or maybe you just want 45 minutes with a really good trainer who can solve your problem today.

Want to create a speech or presentation?
Then you need a FEEDBACK SESSION.
A feedback session is
45 minutes of speaking help from a UK,
Oxford CELTA trainer.
Tell the trainer what you want to improve today.
We write down all your errors and send you a report with suggestions and corrections.
This service is great because you can choose to work
on anything with a
British native professional with over 10 years experience.

Solve your problem and get a report the same day
No need for 3 month long courses – just high quality improvement TODAY with high quality feedback and advice so you are better at English TODAY.